We Fabricate Any Bags You Necessitate & Service Parallel To Your Expectations !

               Cotton, Poly-Cotton, Blends, Nylon, Silk, Man-Made Fibers, Plain, Canvas, Duck, Drill, Muslin, Poplin, Twill, Satin, Natural, White, Dyed, Embroidery, Block Printed, Direct Printed, Photo Printed, Pigment Printed, Roller Printed, Stencil Printed, Screen Printed, and so much more.

               No surplus & no seconds, we manufacture on order. We manufacture as per buyer specifications, constructions, thread, color, styles, sizes, prints, logos, etc. We can meet your selection criteria on Fabric Break, Seam Break, Drawstring Break, Drop Test, Tear resistance, Seem Break, Packing Requirements and so on.

       To provide quote we need:

               - An Actual Sample (Preferably)


               - Exact Specifications:

                           - Kind of Fabric

                           - Construction of the Fabric or Weight

                           - Treatment of the Fabric

                           - Exact Bag Size

                           - Exact Hem Size

                           - Kind and Size of Handle if any

                           - Kind of Logo and Printing if Any

                           - Special Features if any

               - ArtWork with Pantone Color Nos.

               - Production Quantity

               - Time Frame

               - Packaging

               - Port of Delivery or Destination

                     - We deliver through Sea, Air or use Expedited services such as

                       DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc.